How To3 Quick Ways to Convert MKV to MP4

3 Quick Ways to Convert MKV to MP4

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Have you got an MKV video and unable to play it on your pc or your mobile? And you want to convert that MKV videos into MP4 format so that you can play them. Then this article can help you. In this article, I will tell you the detailed process of converting that file. But before I want to tell you, MKV is an open-source media container format, which is not an industry-standard format. That is why there are less supported devices, and it is the main reason you cannot access the MKV file.

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So as you know why you cannot open the file in the media player. Let’s jump to the topic of how to convert MKV to mp4. There are several ways to convert the MKV file to mp4, and in this article, I will try to tell you every possible way.

Convert MKV to MP4

Here I will tell you three different methods to convert MKV to MP4. And those are using VLC media player, free software, and an online website. So let’s see those methods one by one.

Using VLC

VLC is a competent media player. It can play any file type as well, and it can perform some basic tasks also. So beneath is the process of converting an MKV to mp4 using VLC.

So if you have the VLC player, then open it or download it through the link.

  • Click on the media button on the top left of the player and click on convert/share.mkv to mp4 vlc
  • Now click on add button and insert the MKV file, which you want to convert.
  • Click on convert/share and after it, click on the drop-down button near to profile label and select video- H.264 + MP3(MP4) from that list.
  • After that, select your destination file location by clicking on the browse button. And then click on start.

Using free software

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Handbrake is free and open-source software, which helps in converting the video format. It is available for windows, mac, and also for Linux. It is very feature-rich software that can help you in many ways. This method will tell you the basic steps to convert an MKV file into an mp4. You can convert a single file or a whole batch of files in this software.

If you don’t have the HandBrake software, then download and install it from the link. And after installing the software, open it.

  • Click on open source.mkv to mp4 free software
  • You can drag your file to software manually or can go to its location by clicking on the file.
  • Now you will see several options in the software window, but you don’t have to make any changes in those settings. Just make sure that the format should be MP4.
  • Set the converted file location in the bottom near the save as label.
  • Click on start encode on top of the software, that green play button.
  • You will see a queue finished message at the bottom, beneath the save as label in few seconds.
  • Your file has been converted. Now you can check it by clicking on the browse button in button, parallel to save as label.

Convert MKV to MP4 Online

There is another way to do it without using any software, which is using the cloudconvert website. This process is so simple you have to open the website and upload your file. In a few seconds, it will convert MKV to mp4 format. But as you have to upload your file on another server, a thought may occur in your mind regarding privacy. And that makes a valid point. You can check their privacy policy page regarding handling your files. They have mentioned on their page that after converting the file, when you click on the x button, it will delete your file permanently from their server within 24 hours.

So now the process.

  • Open cloudconvert website.
  • They have plenty of options to upload your file. You can upload it from your computer, a URL, or drive.mkv to mp4 online
  • After uploading your file, click on the convert button.
  • And in few seconds, the site will process your video and convert it to your preferred format.
  • And now, you can download the file by clicking on that green download button.
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I hope you have liked this article on how to convert MKV to MP4. If Yes, then do share it with your friends and colleagues.

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