Internet20 Engaging and Cool Websites to Kill your Boredom(2021)

20 Engaging and Cool Websites to Kill your Boredom(2021)

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You will get bored if you do the same work every day. Either you are studying or doing the job. To pass your time or to kill your boredom, either you will watch any movie or play any game, or you will scroll through your social media account. Recently, I have also felt the same. And I was surfing the internet and found some exciting and cool websites to pass my time. 

I thought, why shouldn’t I share these sites with you. So I compiled these interesting websites and created this article of 20 cool websites. Check it out, and you will love these sites. And it will help you to kill your boredom.

List of Engaging Cool Websites

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Pointer Pointer

It is a very unique and exciting website to check. In this, it tracks your mouse pointer on the screen. And every time you move your pointer, it will show a random picture pointing towards your pointer. When you again move the pointer, it happens again and again. And random images pop out and point a finger towards your mouse pointer.

Infinite Zoom

When you land on this site, you will see the scenery, which keeps zooming in as its name is infinite zoom. And you can also use up and down arrow keys to increase its movement speed. But at its original speed, it feels so trippy. There are also three different sites available, which you can access from the sidebar, which will pop up on the screen’s left side.

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The Scale of the Universe 2 

It is also a unique website. If you are interested in random things, then you must visit this website. In this, you get to know about the largest to the smallest thing. You need to scroll in between different things and if you want to know about them. You can click on that, and it will give you a brief introduction about that thing.


It is a time machine of websites. This website creates an archive of the site and stores it. Suppose you want to see the youtube of 2010, then go to this site and enter the youtube URL in the search box. And it will show you the saved archive of youtube websites till today. Just click on any of them and enjoy the old look of any of your favorite websites.

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If you love to solve puzzles, then this site will impress you. It is a collection of different types of puzzles, which you can solve. These puzzles are easy and hard. So go and check it, and have fun.


The oatmeal is a collection of comics that Matthew Inman creates. If you love comics and digital illustrations, then this site is for you. Here you will get different types of amazing comics, games, and books.

A Soft Murmur

A soft murmur is a collection of ambient sounds of wind, fire, singing bowl, waves, and many more. You can mix various sounds as per your mood and enjoy the natural atmosphere. These sounds create the same environment as it is happening naturally. You can create your ambient music with these sounds and share them with your friends. There is also a dedicated application for the android and ios platforms.

Open Puppies

Who doesn’t love puppies, and if you also love puppies, this website will help you kill your boredom. This site is a collection of puppies gif, which you can enjoy. You can download these gifs, and also, you can add your gifs of the puppy.


Giphy is a platform for gifs. Here you will get unlimited gifs to watch. There are several categories available on Giphy through which you can choose your favorite one. You can also embed these gifs, and if you love to make a gif, you can create your account on this site and upload your gifs here.  

Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy is an online game. You will get four essential elements, and you have to create new elements by mixing them. It is a fun game to play, and there are 720 items you can make by mixing them. Go and play this game and check how many items you can create.


As its name, on this website, you will get random funny images by random people curated by this website. And as its name tells, you will not know where your last hour passed. You can also upload funny images on this site if you have any. 


If you want to kill your time, then go on this site. And whenever you click on that please button on this website, it will send you to a random and weird website.


If you are an avid music listener and fond of good songs. Then Forgotify will impress you. This website provides suggestions for unpopular but great songs. 

Some Useful Cool Websites

Now some useful sites. Which will not kill your boredom, but will also help you to learn some exciting things. So let’s jump to helpful website lists.


Wikihow is the only best place for how-to guides on the internet. You will get how-to guides of every possible category on this site.


Lifehacker is a collection of articles on life and skills. Here you will get the best articles on money, health, parenting, different skills, tips and tricks, and many more.


Duolingo is a language learning website. If you ever thought of learning a new language and never getting time, you must check this website. There are many languages available on this site that you can learn quickly. There is also a dedicated application for android and ios users.


Musclewiki provides video content for exercising your body muscles. When you land upon this site, it will show the entire body structure. And when you click on any muscle, it will show you a beginner to advanced workout for that muscle. You can also opt for the female and male bodies to get a more effective workout for your body.  


Supercook is a recipe website, but it is not an ordinary website where you will get recipes for particular dishes. On this website, you can select different ingredients from the website’s left panel, and it will show you various recipes you can make from those particular ingredients.


There are several ott platforms available right now. And every platform has its list of movies and web series. So in this messy ott jungle, it is hard to find where you will get movies you want to watch. Here comes Justwatch, where you can search for your movie, and it will show all platforms from where you can watch that movie or series.


Ted is a most inspiring website if you love learning and knowing about new ideas, theories regarding technology, design, entertainment, and many more. Then go and check this site; here, you will get short videos on various exciting topics.

I hope you have liked this article on Cool Websites to kill your boredom. If Yes, then do share it with your friends and colleagues.

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