How To How to Block a Number on Android Phone

How to Block a Number on Android Phone

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How to Block a Number on Android: Are you frustrate with customer support calls, spammers, or any other unknown number. Who is annoying you by calling repeatedly? Then Blocking their number is the easiest way to avoid such calls. Technology is helping us to connect with our friend and families. And it is also helping spammers to fulfil their wrong wishes.

Everything has two aspects if something is helping us in some sense. Then it might discomfort you in alternative ways. I hope you concur with my understanding. And if you don’t identify how to block a number on your android phone. Don’t worry then; this article is for you. In the following article, I have written the process of how to block a number on Android phone.

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Before I get into the process, I want to tell you that. There are two types of android phones. One is of stock android os and second is of Android os with custom skins. These custom skins are the custom user interface of the phone. That develops by its phone companies.

So the blocking feature can differ in both the types. But only by name, not in every custom skin, but in a few. So I have covered both options in this article.

How to Block a Number on Android

In custom android skin phone block number feature named as a blacklist. (Like Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Samsung, Realme) It is a list of blocked number and messages. If you ever find for block feature and don’t able to find it, then the reason behind is its uncommon name. So let’s see the procedure of how to block a number android phone.

  • Go to phone dialer app.
  • Tap on that specific number for 2 seconds which you want to block.
  • An options window will pop up(same as below image)how to block a number on android
  • In it, click on add to blacklist.
  • When you click on that option, it will show you a confirmation box. (as below image)how to block a number android
  • Click on add to blacklist.
  • The number will add into the blacked numbers list.

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If you cannot find blacklist option in your phone dialer app, then check the below procedure.

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In stock android phone (Like Moto, Asus, Pixel etc.) you will find this feature as a block. The functionality of this feature in stock android is the same as a custom skin phone. There is only the difference of its name in both devices. You have to follow few steps how to block a number on android phone.

  • Open call dialer app.
  • Tap for 2 seconds on a specific number.
  • A new options window will pop up. (Same as below image)how to block a number on android
  • Now click on the block.
  • A confirmation box will pop up. Click on to block a number android
  • Done, it will save the selected number in block list on your phone.

Thank You.

I hope you liked this article, and these steps will help you how to block a number on android phone. So please share it with your friends, colleagues, and partner. And if you face any problem, then let us know in the comment box.

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