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How to do Jio Gigafiber Registration and Its Plans?

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Jio Gigafiber, Like everybody, starts talking about optic fiber connection to the home. Jio creates this buzz as Jio Gigafiber launched in late 2019 after making so much hype. After demolishing many wireless ISP’s (Internet service provider), Jio has a plan to fight with wired ISP’s. An FTTH(Fiber to the Home) broadband service by the Jio community is under testing from the last two years.

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Jio Gigafiber launched in more than 1200 cities to enhance the internet experience and fight with the pre-established infrastructure of broadband ISP’s like BSNL, MTNL, Airtel-V fiber, Hathway, Tata Communication, and many more.

It is FTTH (Fiber to the Home), which means you can get optic fiber cables directly to your home, which are way better than wired cables. Optic fiber offers incredible bandwidth up to 2 Km with the expected speed of 100 Mbps. You do not need to boost the signals with required more power since the optic fiber is immune to interference. That’s why it can provide a constant data role both for up and downstream.

With Gigafiber security of the connection becoming robust, fiber is the most secure medium for carrying sensitive data as they do not radiate electromagnetic energy, so emission cannot intercept.

So basically, in simple words, Gigafiber is a win-win deal. You are getting turbo speed with a reliable and secure internet connection at a reasonable price. Jio has proven himself an emerging internet service provider brand, and there are lots of expectations from Jio Gigafiber.

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How does Jio GigaFiber registration work?

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Just like any other ISP’s, you cannot directly approach to get the offices. It pushes the interested user to register themselves on My Jio app or Jio Gigafiber registration page.

  1. Click on the above link. It will lend you to the Jio Giga fiber registration page.
  2. Enter your name and mobile number and click on generate gigafiber registration
  3. You will receive an OTP on your entered mobile number, enter it in the OTP text box and click on verify OTP. jio gigafiber registration
  4. Now it will ask you to confirm your address, and you have to enter your Pincode, state, city name, society name, flat gigafiber registration
  5. After filling your address, it will ask your email id and also ask for if you are an individual or gigafiber registration
  6. Now, click on submit.

Documents required for getting a Jio Gigafiber connection-

For getting a Jio Gigafiber connection, you must have an Aadhar card or any other original valid  POI (Proof Of Identification) & POA (Proof Of Address) as per the DoT(Department of Telecom) Guidelines.

After applying online and providing your documents to them, your documents will get verified by Jio, and you will get a call from them for confirmation of the installation appointment.

What are the Jio GigaFiber plans?

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Recently, Jio Gigafiber introduced a Free 30-Day Trial for its consumers, and if you don’t like the service, you can cancel the subscription without giving any answer to them. Except for 30-Day Free Trial, you will get truly unlimited 150mbps internet, 4k set-top box with a subscription of 10 paid OTT apps. Also, you will get WiFi Ont modem, unlimited voice calling to all over India.

jio gigafiber plans

But there is a catch, Jio introduced this free 30-Day Trial in two categories. One is option 1, and the second is option 2, so what is the difference between them?

In option 1, you will get everything that I have mentioned above, but in option 2, you will not get a 4k set-top box, OTT apps subscription. And in option 1, you have to pay a one-time refundable fee of 2500, and in option 2, you have to pay a one-time fee of 1500, which is also refundable. I attach the image.

jio gigafiber plans

There are currently seven plans available through which you can opt for one that is suitable for you. And these plans are starting from Rs 399 and going to Rs 8499. In the end, I will attach an image to show you the seven plans and there price, respectively.

As I told you earlier about option 1 and option 2, so bronze and silver plans come in option 2, it means you will not get 4k set-top box and OTT apps subscriptions with these plans. You have to opt for silver or higher plans to get these features. 

Jio Gigafiber Plans and its features-

Plan Name & Rate Plan Details
Bronze Plan

Plan Price: 399.00

MRP (Including Tax): 470.82

Speed: 30 Mbps (30 Mbps Upload & 30 Mbps Download)
Data: Unlimited Data
Voice: Free
OTT Apps: Not Applicable
Silver Plan

Plan Price: 699

MRP (Including Tax): 824.82

Gold Plan

Plan Price: 999.00

MRP (Including Tax): 1,178.82

Diamond Plan

Plan Price: 1499.00

MRP (Including Tax): 1768.82

Diamond+ Plan

Plan Price: 2,499

MRP (Including Tax): 2,948.82

Platinum Plan

Plan Price: 3,999

MRP (Including Tax): 4,718.82

Titanium Plan

Plan Price: 8,499

MRP (Including Tax): 10,028.82


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