How ToHow to Uninstall Pre-installed Apps on Android Without Root

How to Uninstall Pre-installed Apps on Android Without Root

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When you buy a new mobile phone it comes with some pre-installed apps which are useless and annoying because these app create storage problem after some time of usage if you have 16GB or 32GB internal storage. In this article, I am going to solve your problem and give you the best solution for this question, how to uninstall pre-installed apps on android without root?

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Generally, when we talk about uninstalling pre-installed apps the first things come in our mind how to root our device? because we know it’s hard to do if you are not a techie person. But with the help of this method, I am just going to tell you some command, by running those commands in the command prompt window you can easily uninstall your pre-installed app without rooting your android device.

What is bloatware?

Before we start let us understand what is bloatware? Bloatware is software/app that is pre-installed in your device by manufactured and you don’t want to use and whose usefulness is reduced because of the excessive disk space and memory it requires that will create a problem when you have low internal memory. Basically, all the pre-installed apps are called bloatware.

How to Uninstall Pre-installed Apps on Android Without Root

Here I will tell you the step by step procedure to remove all pre-installed apps on an android device without rooting your device. For this, you will need a USB cable, your phone, and a PC or Laptop. In this tutorial I am using Redmi Device you can do the same process by using any android device. Let’s Begin!

1. Turn on the USB Debugging

1. First, turn on Developer Mode on your device. For this, you have to open your Settings>About Phone>MIUI Version.

  • Tap on the MIUI Version for more than 7 times. It will show you a message after 7 taps, ” You are Developer Now”.
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Uninstall Pre-installed Apps on Android

  • On another Android device, you will find Build Number or Version and repeat the same process.

2. Now, after turning on your developer mode search for USB Debugging. You will find this setting on Redmi devices under additional settings> Developer Options. On other devices simply search for USB Debugging.

3. Now Toggle on the USB Debugging mode. It will show a warning message. Allow USB Debugging? You have just to click OK.

4. Connect the smartphone to your PC via USB cable.

2. Install ADB on Windows

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1. Now, download the ADB Platform Tools for Windows from Google’s official page. When you download is completed extract the zip file using WinRAR in your PC.

ADB Platform Tools for Windows

2. Go to the extracted folder and click on to address the URL bar and type “cmd” and hit enter. Instantly, a command prompt window will open up in the ADB directory.

Install ADB on Windows


3. Now type the command: adb devices and hit enter.

adb device command

4. After this prompt message is showing on your device. Just click on the “Always allow” checkbox and then tap on “Allow”.

Uninstall Preinstalled Apps on Android

5. Now you can see your device serial number in the Command Prompt window. Boom! ADB is now successfully installed on your PC.

adb devices

3. Install Third-Party App to Check Package Name

1. For Uninstalling the bloatware you should know the package name of the application. For this, we will use a third-party app which is very simple to use.

2. Open Google play store and search for App Inspector by UBQSoftTools or just click here to install App Inspector.

3. Just open the App Inspector app and search for the unwanted app you want to uninstall. You will see the package name just below the app name.

You can also check all the package list name just typing the command: pm list packages

But I will not recommend this, because it is quite confusing and difficult to identify the app’s name.

Uninstall Pre-installed Apps on Android

4. Now come back to your PC command prompt window and type, adb shell and hit enter.

adb shell


5. After this type, pm uninstall -k --user 0 <package name> in the place of <package name> type the package name you see in the App Inspector app. In my case, I am uninstalling Mi Video so I will write pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.miui.videoplayer

uninstall package command

6. Congratulation! You have successfully uninstalled your first pre-installed app. This is a very easy step to remove all those annoying apps which are taking your memory and storage uselessly. Now remove more app by just changing the package name and hitting enter.

Warning: Do not remove any system app like Security, and another core app because many of the core apps are interrelated to each other and they are necessary for your device to perform different processes. This will make your phone brick. So remove it very carefully!

How Uninstalling Pre-installed Apps on Android Work Without Root?

This method work because these apps are not being fully uninstalled from your device, they are just being uninstalled for the current user i.e user 0 which is the default or the main user of the device. That’s why, if you omit the “–user 0” and “-k” part of the uninstall command, the command will not work.

These two flags respectively specify that the system app will only be uninstalled for the current user and not all users. So whenever you do a factory reset of your device you will get all these apps back. There is no way you can uninstall the app from all users unless you root the phone.


Now you know how easy it is to remove the pre-installed app from your android device without root. Depending on your phone manufacturer, some phones come with only a few bloatware, and the system apps can be disabled easily while others are full of third-party apps that you cannot remove or disable at all by this method. So it the best way to get rid of all those unwanted pre-installed apps.

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